ASSC (antisocial social club) is a Los Angeles-based streetwear brand founded in 2015 by Samuel Cirn. The brand has gained cult-like status for its limited-edition drops, often featuring bold, ironic, and sometimes offensive graphics. ASSC hoodies are mainly coveted, with prices often reaching hundreds or thousands of dollars on the resale market.

Popularity of ASSC Hoodies

There are several reasons for the popularity of ASSC hoodies:

Scarcity and exclusivity: ASSC releases its products in limited quantities, often through surprise drops. This creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity that drives demand.

Bold and ironic branding: ASSC’s graphics are often provocative and attention-grabbing, featuring logos like “ASSC World” and “Kill the Hype.” This appeals to young people who want to express themselves uniquely.

Celebrity endorsements: ASSC has been worn by celebrities like Kanye West, ASAP Rocky, and

Kylie Jenner. This has helped to increase the brand’s visibility and desirability.

Resale value: ASSC hoodies often sell out quickly and can be difficult to find at retail. This has created a thriving resale market, where hoodies can resell for many times their original price.

Cultural Significance of ASSC Hoodies

Anti social club hoodie are more than just a fashion item; they symbolize a particular cultural moment.

The brand’s popularity reflects several trends, including:

The emergence of streetwear: Supreme and Off-White are two companies that have led the way in the popularity of streetwear in recent years. ASSC, which provides premium streetwear with a distinctive style, is a member of this movement.

The cult of hype: In today’s social media-driven world, brands can generate a lot of hype around their products. ASSC has succeeded, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation around its drops.

The desire for individuality: ASSC’s hoodies allow people to express their individuality and stand out from the crowd. The brand’s ironic and irreverent graphics appeal to those who want to challenge traditional norms.

Criticisms of ASSC

ASSC has also been criticized for several reasons, including:

Its high prices: ASSC hoodies can be very expensive, even at retail. As a result, claims have been made that the company is elitist and disconnected from its youthful fan base.

Its use of offensive graphics: Some of ASSC’s graphics have been accused of being offensive or insensitive. For example, the brand has released hoodies with the “Kill the Hype” printed on them.

Its environmental impact: The production of red anti social social club hoodie has been criticized for its environmental impact. The brand uses a lot of cotton, which is a water-intensive crop.


ASSC hoodies are a cultural phenomenon that is here to stay. The brand’s popularity reflects several trends, including the rise of streetwear, the cult of hype, and the desire for individuality. However, ASSC has also been criticized for its high prices, its use of offensive graphics, and its environmental impact. Only time will tell whether ASSC can maintain its popularity in the long term.

Additional Point

ASSC has collaborated with several brands, including Playboy, Hello Kitty, and Dover Street Market. These partnerships have contributed to the brand’s increased appeal and visibility.  ASSC has been included in some well-known music videos, including as Travis Scott’s “Antidote” and Kanye West’s “Famous.” This has facilitated the brand’s introduction to a larger market. ASSC has a sizable fan base on Twitter and Instagram and is a social media savvy brand. The company interacts with its followers on social media and creates buzz about its goods there.